Medical tourism

The water in Lake Balaton was consumed as medical water at the end of the 19th century, and bathing was initially considered quite an eccentricity. Some claimed that lake’s water was diluted mineral water. For decades, doctors in Balatonfüred used to recommend tubbing in the lake’s water. Medical creams and soap were made from the mud of the lake, and lung patients were advised to take whey therapy, using a mixture of whey from sheep milk at Tihany Abbey and natural sour water. Furthermore, written texts argued for the medical benefits of the air and sunshine. The water in Füred has substantial mineral content, making it a sulphate-type water with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and considerable amount of free carbon dioxide (a so-called sour water), which is beneficial both as a drinking and bathing therapy. The National Directorate of Health Resorts and Spas has certified the sour water of Füred as an established natural mineral water decades ago. The water from presently existing fountains is warmed up and used in bathing therapies in the Heart Clinic in Füred. Carbonic acid is absorbed through the skin from the water, while breathing in the carbonic acid gases that gather above the water, plus the water temperature, improve the blood circulation in the body’s internal organs, and blood and oxygen flow to the heart. This is why carbonic acid baths are efficient in healing heart diseases and heart valve irregularities.

Medical baths of the Heart Clinic in Balatonfüred

A complex physiotherapy treatment is available to guests in the medical baths: specialist physician care, massage, carbonic acid tubbing, kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, underwater exercise, underwater ray massage, weight bath, medical check-up, dietary consultancy, and an outside swimming pool.

The efficacy of the therapies in Füred are enhanced by climatic factors such as the balanced temperature, peace and calm, good air, the harmonic beauty of the surroundings and the soothing effect of the lake surface. Visitors can find several places in town to try the “sour water”.

Annagora Aquapark, Balatonfüred

Everything that is good in the summer in one place!

You will have an unforgettable and thoroughly exciting aquatic experience, as well as an exceptional view, when you visit the largest aquatic entertainment park of the Balaton at Balatonfüred.

There are twelve attractive slides for grown-ups (some of them adrenaline-inducing) and three slides for children, heated pools (giant wave pool; children’s pools with paddling pools, various toys and the so-called slow river; children’s wave pool); tempered outer and covered entertainment pools (whirling river, jet fountains, water massage equipment); beach volleyball court; tobacco shop, restaurants, and bars. Relaxation is made easy in the wellness section where you will find and ice cave, Finnish and bio saunas, a cold water tub, and essential oil steam cabins.

Balaton Pool, Balatonfűzfő

One of the most popular sporting sites of the town of Balatonfűzfő, embracing the north-eastern corner of the lake, is the Balaton Pool.

It has a large pool 50 metres in length with 8 tracks and deck-level overflow with a water level of 2 metres, suitable for swimming and diving events, water polo matches, and synchronized swimming events. (The temperature of the large pool is 28 degrees Celsius.)

The small pool has a water of 32 degrees Celsius, and is very popular with older and younger visitors as well with its water level gradually deepening from 80 cm to 130 cm. There are individual and group swimming classes in the small pool, and qualified trainers also conduct baby swimming lessons.

Medical Cave in Tapolca

It is not only the medical baths that offer healing at Lake Balaton, but also, for instance, the caves. The Medical Cave in Tapolca is primarily recommended to those suffering from asthma. The cave is completely free of allergens and has a constant temperature, while its high humidity is excellent for those suffering from respiratory illnesses.

Cave air with its constant 20°C temperature and nearly 100% humidity, rich in Ca-ions, high in carbon-dioxide and radon, and almost completely free of dust, germs and pollens, is recommended to treat respiratory and allergic illnesses, as well as asthma. The closed corridor of the cave system under the Hospital of Tapolca is reserved for patients, while the branch in the property near the hospital is kept for the guests of Hotel Pelion.

Lake Hévíz

In Hévíz you can find almost all the elements of natural healing and health promotion, which interlock with one another as tiny particles, thus forming an integrated whole.

This integrated whole can shortly be called health. The elements have a healing effect in themselves, but their joint presence increases their efficiency in the course of healing, rehabilitation and health promotion.

If it is Hévíz, the most important healing element is bathing in the thermal lake. The gentle and smothering touch of the water, the feeling of floating, the swinging lotus flowers, the odour of the healing water and the green leafy crown of the surrounding trees all have a calming effect on the nervous system, and evoke the psychological feeling of healing.

To experience when water drops as tiny little balls give a gentle massage to the body is unique throughout the whole world.

Thus, bath treatment means the basis of the healing effects of Lake Hévíz, but it is also important to emphasise such unique medical treatments as mud-pack, the famous weight bath, different types of medical massage and drinking cure.