You can download our broschure for 2017 : HERE

Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest– 7-11 June 2017, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

Harley-Davidson Budapest Saloon is scheduled to have its 18th(!) large, international motorcycle festival in Hungary in 2017. Harley is not only a bike, it’s a way of life: freedom, a bit of rebellion, a true friendship, a honest smile, an awesome roar … Harley is about experience and expedition!

Everness Festival – 20-25 June 2017, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

The Everness Festival: five days of conscious presence during which we create the world in which we all would like to live. The Everness Festival is the time of experiencing: five days during which we can experience ourselves and our environment, free of our usual habits. During the term of the festival we get a chance to learn those methods by which we can consider the challenges occurring in our everyday life as opportunities instead of problems, and we can get to elevated states of consciousness different from our common, everyday state, by our own power.

Everness Festival is the experience of a community: a place where we can explore various matters for self-development in a comfortable, safe setting, in group sessions and individual therapies. Music, yoga, exercise, healthy food and 5 days of eco-consciousness.


Zorall Beer Olympics– 23-26 August 2017, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

In 2017 there is again Zorall Beer Olympics in Alsóörs. Zorall-wedding, stray calf cycling, team sports and games, Zorall soccer cup, Pulse talent, programs for children, motorcycle tours and concerts.


Other programs

„Farsang farka” – Winter Funeral  – 25 February 2017, House of Culture, Visszhang Domb, Mádl Ferenc tér, Tihany

Ceremony of 15th March – 15 March 2017, House of Culture, Pisky-sétány, Tihany

Easter bunny – party – 15-16 April 2017, Folklore House, Mádl Ferenc tér, Tihany

Goat’s Hooves Festival and Folk Spring Meeting 22-23 April 2017, shore of Belső-Lake, Mádl Ferenc tér, Tihany

Children’s Day (Family Day) Day of Commemoration of Heroes 28 May 2017, Ship Station, Apátság, Tihany

Tihany Pentecostal Palinka Picnic3-4 June 2017, Akasztó domb, Tihany

XIII. Lavender Festival and Lavender Weeks19-25 June 2017, shore of Belső-Lake, Mádl Ferenc tér, Folklore House, Batthyány u., Tihany

Summer Nights at Main Square  – 30 June-19 August 2017 (at weekends), Mádl Ferenc tér,Tihany

Echo Festival  – July 2017, Folklore House, Mádl Ferenc tér, Tihany

I Love Balaton midnight running1 July 2017 Balatonfüred, Vitorlás tér

Competition centre : Vitorlás tér , Midnight running in Balatonfüred 1 July 2017, Saturday. I Love Balaton.

Balaton Sound Festival 2017– 5–9 July 2017, 8621 Zamárdi,
Scheduled for 5–9 July 2017, Balaton Sound Festival, Hungary’s most popular premium event welcomes guest for the 10th time at the Zamárdi Public Beach.

Sailboat racing in Balatonfüred –  6-8  July 2017, in Balatonfüred,
Sailboat racing, events and programs in Balatonfüred for the year 2017.

Bream Festival of Gyenesdiás –  8-9 July 2017, Gyenesdiás, Kárpáti-korzó

Our gastronomical event titled Bream Festival of Gyenesdiás is held in 2017 for the ninth time, and we warmly welcome every guest interested in fish dishes! Programs include frying of breams each day, music and dance. This is a gastro weekend you cannot afford to miss!

Balatongyörök Jazz Fiesta – 13 July 2017, 8313 Balatongyörök, Sétálóutca

When it’s Thursday, it’s Just Fiesta day! During the summer season we hold jazz concerts every week for lovers of jazz music in Kossuth Street, in the small square below the art monument church, within arm’s reach from the beach of Balaton. Performers are Major’s Band and SoulFool Band. We await every interested customer with high quality jazz music. The performing bands, drummers, dancers will guarantee the fun. You can experience the real, colourful Fiesta feeling in the opening event in July and in the closing event in August. On the four Thursdays between these two parties various genres of jazz (such as the Dixieland, funky, blues) will be played. The great atmosphere often encourages the patrons to go to the dance floor.

Balatongyörök Wine Festival – 20-23 July 2017, 8313 Balatongyörök, by the pier promenad

During this program of four days held in the renewed promenade on the beach of Balaton, under the sycamore trees, visitors will get a chance to introduce themselves to the wines of Györök and its region, from late afternoon there will be an artisan market, children’s programs, those who seek entertainment will have a choice of light music concerts and a street party.

Rose Festival – 20-23 July 2017, 8621 Zamárdi, Szabadság tér 4.

Common gastronomic and entertainment event of Zamárdi and Villány, this year 4 days festival! This summer the Rose festival will be held for fourth time. Balaton, wines of the Villány region, entertainment programs and concerts.

Anna Ball Balatonfüred – 29 July 2017, Balatonfüred, Anna Grand Hotel

Anna ball, the greatest social event of Balatonfüred and of the country, is still organised, this year for the 192nd time. The Anna ball is traditionally the feast of debutants, when parents introduce their grown-up children to the society. Every year the most beautiful young lady participating in the Anna ball is chosen as the Belle of the Ball, and two more ladies are chosen to be her maids of honour. The awarded ladies receive Herend porcelain vases as an offering from the Herend Porcelain Manufactury. The popularity of the Anna ball is well indicated by the fact that tickets for the ball held in July are all sold by spring every year.

Ceremony of 20th August – 18-19-20 August 2017, Mádl Ferenc tér, Ship Station, Tihany

RetroStars 2017 Balatonfüred – 19 August 2017 Balatonfüred, Fürdő utca 35. (Sun City)

The biggest Retro Festival in Hungary, 19 August Balatonfüred. After party in 4 permises. With RetroStars armband free entry to the After party.

Vintage Days – 8-10 September 2017, Mádl Ferenc tér, Pisky-sétány, Tihany

Ceremony of 23rd October – 23 October 2017, Culture House, Pisky-sétány, Tihany

XVI. Garda Festival – 3-5 November 2017, Visszhang domb, Ship Station, Pisky-sétány, Tihany

Waiting for Christmas – 26 November – 17 December 2017, Culture House, Mádl Ferenc tér, Tihany