Restaurants and pubs in the region

Enjoy the pleasures of gastronomy and discover the wide selection and exciting flavours found in restaurants, coffee houses, confectionaries in the region. Do not miss the wine cellars offering excellent wines, either!


Márga Bisztró – One of the most beautiful terraces at Balaton: sunshine, peace, Welschriesling (Olasz Riesling) wine from Csopak, and a loveable cuisine of local ingredients.

Karolina Herb Garden Restaurant – A modern but family-oriented exclusive restaurant with 50 seats and a panoramic terrace overlooking Lake Balaton.

Borcsa Restaurant – This popular restaurant complex is located at the eastern end of the romantic and idyllic Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred. An unforgettable atmosphere is guaranteed by the proximity of the lake and the beach that serves as a public park in the evening hours, providing an excellent opportunity for romantic walks for guests and a free playground for the kids.

Ferenc Pince Csárda – A tasteful restaurant with a breathtaking view and a wide selection of Hungarian and international dishes.

Kakas Csárda – A family business running for more than 25 years, offering unique dishes made of rooster, fish, game, poultry, pork, beef, pork meat and lamb.

Vígmolnár Csárda – Located in the splendid holiday resort of Csopak, 3 km from Balatonfüred along Route 71, this restaurant had preserved the famous Hungarian cuisine while catering to the healthy requirements of our times. Guests are pampered with a wide selection of wines and home-made fruit juices.

Carpaccio Restaurant – Taste the best dishes of Mediterranean, Italian cuisine in the restaurant in Alsóörs.



Szent Donát Cellar and Winery Medieval architectural technology in the typical style of the Balaton Uplands makes this old winery a site worth visiting in itself. Csopak is a historical wine region in one of the most beautiful spots of the country.


Jásdi Cellare – Breathtaking view and excellent wines.

Homola Winery – This winery has been producing wine since the first harvest of 2009 in the hillside of Paloznak. It is characterized by light, youthful wines.

Csiszár Family WineryFarming in an area nearly 10 hectares large, this family has built their own winery in 2003 and combine modern technology with tradition to produce wine.

Petrányi Winery – Take in the unforgettable view of Lake Balaton as you taste the products of this winery.

Tamás Cellar, Csopak – This winery lies on an area of 2.5 hectares and 120-150 metres above sea level.


Tóth Cellar – Viticulturist Gyula Tóth has a wine cellar in that was built more than 160 years ago in Csopak, in the hills of Berekhát. This cellar has been here since the 1830s with its stone vaults and clay pointing.

Levendula Cellar – Levendula Cellar and Winery in the township of Lovas in the Balaton Uplands, on the northern shore of Balaton. This winery belongs to the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region.

Söptei Cellar  – A family winery on the northern shore of Lake Balaton in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region.

Coffee houses, confectionaries:

Karolina Coffee House and Cocktail BarExceptional tea, coffee, cakes and pastries. Home-bottled palinka in 0.5 litre bottles and wines are also for sale in the café.

Bergmann Confectionary – Bergmann Confectionaries were named after the Bergmann Family. They sell a wide selection of exclusively home-made cakes both of traditional, familiar flavours and products that comply with modern requirements. Seasonal offers add even more colour and flavour to the range of their products.

Rege Confectionary – Situated directly next to the Tihany Abbey, this confectionary not only offers coffee, cakes and ice cream, but also an exceptional view.

Cocomo Café, Balatonfüred – Superb parties, drinks, cocktails and delicacies, the Cocomo Café awaits visitors with a terrace and view in Balatonfüred.