Development plans

Pelso Camping Kft. is planning to improve the campsite and increase the number of visitors in close co-operation with the local municipality, following mutual goals and preserving the values of the campsite.

In line with the ongoing developments in the area, plans include the construction of a beach, apartments and a harbour as well as increasing the current capacity of the campsite.

In accordance with the events planned by the municipality, long term plans include creating a festival centre, enabling the campsite to host local festivals that meet the cultural needs of the residents of Alsóörs.

The events to be organised by Pelso Camping Kft. will have to combine the cultural and gastronomic values of the region as well as provide quality entertainment that fulfils the needs of the participants.

Besides all the above, we are planning to organise and host children camps and various sport events in the future. We aim to provide services related to sport activities (renting, servicing, information and parking) and to attract people not only as temporary guests. Instead, based on the accommodation and parking capacity of the campsite, we would like to create a place that serves as a base for long term stays, enabling visitors to make tours and trips around the area.

Development plans

Further long term plans, which need more analysis and which are dependent on the economic conditions, include creating a wakeboard course on open water, improving the thermal services of the campsite, creating an open air cinema, a fishing deck, constructing an adventure park, improving services related to fishing and introducing other new services based on international examples.