History of the campsite

The campsite opened in 1954. At the time, two separate campsites were operating next to each other: Alsóörs Drivers Campsite and Palóznak Nyárfa Campsite. In 1979, the Alsóörs campsite underwent extensive improvements. In 1996, the 57th FICC RALLY was organised in the joint Alsóörs Drivers and Palóznak Nyárfa Campsite with the participation of 3474 guests with 1479 units from 41 clubs of 26 countries.

In June 1999, the majority of poplars in Nyárfa Campsite fell in a big storm and the place was later renamed Europa Campsite (previously the name of the campsite was a reference to the great number of poplars). The two sites were united in 2001, creating this large but yet cosy holiday resort. In 2002, the campsite was bought by Balatontourist Zrt, part of SCD Balaton Holding.

After two unsuccessful public liquidation tenders, in 2014 Pelso Camping Kft, being the sole valid bidder acquired the campsite. As a new owner, Pelso Camping Kft. is planning to revive the once busy resort by renovating the campsite and introducing new services.

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