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Harley-Davidson Open Road Fest– 5-9 June 2019, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

Thundering engines and screaming guitars – the 4-day-long freedom awaits. We know what you will do next summer between the 5th and 09th of June, 2019, but do YOU know who are you coming to Alsóörs with? Tell your friends about the festival and reserve your appartments now!

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Everness Festival – 19-24 June 2019, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

The Everness Festival: five days of conscious presence during which we create the world in which we all would like to live. The Everness Festival is the time of experiencing: five days during which we can experience ourselves and our environment, free of our usual habits. During the term of the festival we get a chance to learn those methods by which we can consider the challenges occurring in our everyday life as opportunities instead of problems, and we can get to elevated states of consciousness different from our common, everyday state, by our own power.

Everness Festival is the experience of a community: a place where we can explore various matters for self-development in a comfortable, safe setting, in group sessions and individual therapies. Music, yoga, exercise, healthy food and 5 days of eco-consciousness.

Zorall Beer Olympics– 21-24 August 2019, Alsóörs Pelso Camping

In 2019 there is again Zorall Beer Olympics in Alsóörs. Zorall-wedding, stray calf cycling, team sports and games, Zorall soccer cup, Pulse talent, programs for children, motorcycle tours and concerts.

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