Active tourism

The Európa Camping (renamed ‘Pelso Camping’ from 2016) offers a variety of animation programs throughout the day in prime season.

Visitors can use a free slide in the spacious beach (open between 22 June and 23 August), and spend their spare time actively with playing beach basketball and street ball. The hall has a television set for visitors to use (except in off-season). Playground, soccer court, and table tennis are all free to use.

Available for a fee: bicycle, water bicycle, surf, kayak, canoe rentals, tennis court rental, fishing, and mini golf.

Adventure parks

Adventure Park Tihany – Forest Adventure Park

The Tihany Adventure Park is an entertainment park as much as it is something else. The track was created with construction expertise from France to provide excellent safety, challenges, and adventure, while you will also find peace and relaxation for small ones and grown-ups, young and old under the trees in a natural reserve area. 30 metres from the adventure park you will find the free beach of Tihany-Gödrös, offering a pleasant relaxation after your excursion. The Tihany Penninsula is an area with natural resources that are unique not only in Hungary, but in Europe as well. The purpose of the Adventure Park is to provide true relaxation for each visitor, in cooperation with nature and an ongoing care for trees and natural surroundings.

Brázay Adventure Park, Balatonfüred

Open to visitors each day from 9.00 a.m. until the evening hours. Larger groups, visitor groups are also welcome.

Balaton Entertainment Park

Near Route 73 at the car stop of Nosztor (between Veszprém and Csopak). Recreation for the entire family with an adventure park offering entertainment.

If you are devoted to active relaxation, you can test your strength and bravery in this adventure park. Open from 9.00 a.m. until the evening hours.


The Balaton Round-Trip Bike Trail offers various treats to the adherents of active tourism. Surroundings towns are also easy to access by bike. Hop on your bicycle and discover the treasure of the region with your family or friends!

The Balaton Round-Trip Bike Trail has various treats to offer to adherents of active tourism. This 210 km trail that crosses the Balaton Coastline and circles the entire lake leads through cycling paths and partly side roads with little traffic. Sites and wine cellars of the region are easy to access from the Bike Trail. You can refresh yourself along the route at the beaches of Alsóörs and Csopak, or fill your bottles with the sour water of Csopak.

We can cycle around the entire lake (210 km), which is a lifetime experience. Partly by cycling paths, partly on low-traffic roads marked with a bike symbol.

Starting from Balatonfüred in the direction of Budapest we pass through villages of poetic beauty (Csopak, Alsóörs) to get to Balatonalmádi, where a well-constructed cycling path leads through the wine hills of Almádi and through Szentkirályszabadja to Veszprém. This trail passes well-known townships in the Veszprém Highlands. On our way back we leave the town along the tracks of the old railroad dinky line. We reach the Roman-era road at Balatonalmádi through the road of Felsőörs.

If we leave Balatonfüred in the direction of Keszthely, we soon reach Tihany. We can take a short trip in the amazing natural and architectural environment of the peninsula. Continuing our trip we meet the unique natural sites of the Balaton Uplands National Park, such as the Káli Basin, Badacsony, Szigliget and Keszthely. The surroundings of the lake provided endless tracking opportunities for those seeking more serious challenges.

Európa Camping (renamed ‘Pelso Camping’ from 2016) in Alsóörs is the stamp site of the Balaton Round-Trip Bike Trail certificate.

Balaton Round-Trip Bike Trail

Balaton map of cycling paths

Balaton Bike



Excellent quality trail and a great variety of city bikes.

János Hajtó – Accommodation Administration Office, Alsóörs At the intersection of Route 71 and Szent István Street (bear the bus stop).

Horse riding

Horse lovers can choose from various activities near Alsóörs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, a real hussar will teach you the tricks of riding and perfect your technique. If required, a hussar show will demonstrate the everyday life of riders.

Sándor Huszár Equestrian Club

Horse riding training, equestrian hunting, star tracking, children’s camp, forest school. Equestrian day care on weekdays. Traditional art camp (clay, enamel, oil).

Gátrét Riding Hall, Alsóörs

  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding lessons
  • Field riding
  • Pony riding

Csopak Equestrian Sports Club

The sports club was founded in 2000. It is active in horse riding, track riding, joy riding, riding lessons.

Csikós Equestrian Court

It is not for nothing that Hungary is the land of horses and riders. Equestrianism grants a true experience in this country. The region with its varied landscape and hills provides an ideal space for field riding. Equestrian tracks lead through traditional wine regions, further enhanced by the view to Lake Balaton for an unforgettable experience. Riders pass through wine hills and along old wine cellars (there is always time to stop and rest for a little wine tasting) and through dense forests that provide pleasant shadows in the summer. Of course there are open fields as well, inviting you for lengthy gallops.

Vörösberény Equestrian Association – Balatonalmádi (Szentes Farm)

-horse riding -tracks -carriage riding -wedding carriages

Patent Equestrian Education Centre (Flicorp Ltd)

Patent Equestrian Education Centre is located 4 km from Balatonfüred and 22 km from Veszprém in Balatonszőlős, in an area of nearly 5 hectares.

The riding club’s primary focus is equestrian parasport and therapeutic sessions. Its aim is to bring together people with disabilities and healthy people through the love of horses and riding, thereby helping the integration of those with disabilities into society.

Lookout tower

Somlyó Mountain Lookout, Alsóörs

East of the Reformed Church in Alsóörs, walking up the stairs above the cemetery is the wooden lookout tower of Somlyó Mountain. The full beauty of the Bakony and Balaton opens up to the visitors. On 29 April the dream came true: a new lookout was constructed, superior to the former tower in every way.

To get to the lookout: walk down the stairs in in a south-west direction, turn right on the paved road past the Alsóörs sign; after approx. 50-60 metres we find a forest path to the right. A comfortable walk of 15-20 minutes on the path leads to the Somlyó Mountain lookout. Along the way we can rest at the tables and benches before we turn left to climb to the lookout.

Csere Mountain Lookout, Alsóörs

An exceptional view opens up to the neighbouring villages from the lookout on Csere Mountain; in clear weather, you can even see the southern shore of the lake from a top.

The predecessor of the present lookout was constructed in 1935 according to the designs of Jenő Padányi Gulyás. The lookout is made of red sandstone and proudly owns the title of ‘The first stone lookout of Lake Balaton’. The lookout was renovated in 2001, that is when its current height of 11.5 metres was finalized. Follow the blue tourist sign from Endrődi Sándor street in Alsóörs to reach the tower.

Endrődi Sándor Lookout, Csopak, Csákány Mountain

The terrace of this wooden construct offers an exceptional view to the Bakony and the eastern basin of Lake Balaton.

The track marked by a blue tourist sign leads to Endrődi Sándor Lookout, starting from Csopak and continuing in the forest. You can find benches for resting near the lookout so you may stop for a pleasant picnic during your trip.

Jókai Lookout, Balatonfüred

A marked tourist track (green triangle) leads from the Lóczy cave up to the three-story wooden lookout on Tamás Mountain (317 m) to offer a fascinating view to the Lake Balaton, Balatonfüred, and in the direction of the Tihany Penninsula. Along the so-called Golden Man path, named after the protagonist in a Jókai-novel, benches make the walk even more pleasant and comfortable. The educational path displays on six boards the geography, plants and wildlife of the region.